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ENI 3500/CMIS 4914

Decentralized Commerce/WEB3

New protocols, tools, and techniques are restructuring the internet into a more distributed, trusted, and self-managing network. Students will master foundational blockchain and metaverse concepts and explore Web 3.0 enabling technologies. Students will gain the ability to confidently use decentralized technologies like blockchains, fungible and non-fungible tokens, peer-to-peer apps, and more. Students will understand how these technologies are being applied in the entertainment and creative industries around the world and critically assess when Web 3.0 technology is advantageous over other solutions both from a technical and economical perspective.

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Instructor: Elizabeth Strickler and Sandy Khaund


Class Date: May 9 - 27, 2022


Class Schedule:  M-F; 4:30 p.m. - 7:00  p.m.

Class Location: CMII - Hybrid with (60% in-person, 40% virtual)


  • To understand and apply the underlying philosophy and ethos of decentralization. 

  • To describe the history and terminology of blockchain and decentralized ledger technology

  • To define the pillars of Web 3.0 and how they are being implemented in the entertainment industries.

  • To explain the development of NFTs and their emerging use and impact in culture.

  • To analyze and describe the key functions and players in the blockchain infrastructure.

  • To analyze future projects based on the application of technical knowledge of the blockchain infrastructure.

  • To create a Web 3.0 company or project prototype.

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