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Unreal Engine


What is the name of your tool/platform/hardware you are presenting?

Unreal Engine

What is the URL of the tool/platform/hardware you are presenting?

Describe the primary function and technical capabilities of the tool. How does it contribute to building the Metaverse?

It is a 3D computer graphic Game engine which allows developers to create stories based on what their imagination and the target audience.

What are the technical requirements to use this tool (e.g., hardware specifications, operating system compatibility)?

Minimum requirements for running the engine or editor are listed below.   Running the Engine   Operating System   Windows 10   DirectX Runtime   DirectX End-User Runtimes (June 2010)   The requirements for programmers developing with the engine are listed below.   Developing with the Engine   All 'Running the Engine' requirements (automatically installed)   Visual Studio Version   Visual Studio 2019 v16.11.5 or later (recommended)   Visual Studio 2022   iOS App Development   iTunes Version   iTunes 12 or higher

Provide examples or case studies of how this tool has been applied in real-world scenarios. How does it solve specific problems or enhance projects in VR, AR, or the metaverse?

I know that it enhances project in the VR and could be used in other applications such as the AR and the metaverse.


Is the tool open-source or proprietary? Discuss the implications of its software model on development and collaboration.

The model is open source as you can share what you create with other users and can use what other users have created in your own platform and change it of make it your own.


What is the business model of this tool and what are the implications? (ie freemium, subscription, one-time cost). Who do you think their target market or demographic is?

The model is free but the comp0any does charge 5 percent to any company that makes over 1 million dollars in revenue from using their product. The target demographic is game developers and game development companies.


Compare and contrast this tool with at least two similar tools or platforms. What are its strengths and weaknesses relative to its competitors?

Unity and Frost are very similar to the platform. With Frost being able to produce comparable graphics but it harder to use and the platforms that they have tend to be crash heavy. But they both have the same difficulty of hardness to use.


Based on current trends and developments, where do you see this tool heading in the future? Consider upcoming features, potential use cases, or evolving technologies.

I see more people pushing the boundary with it especially with the photo realism graphics and making it so that the experience is smooth for players. I think this would be really beneficial to the metaverse and make it so that user can connect more seamlessly.

What was your experience in using the tool?

It was a little hard to get the grasp of the programming aspect but overall, it was easy to use once you got the hang of it.

Created by: Ivan Palmer.

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