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AutoDesk  MAYA

What is the name of your tool/platform/hardware you are presenting?   

Autodesk Maya

What is the URL of the tool/platform/hardware you are presenting?

Describe the primary function and technical capabilities of the tool. How does it contribute to building the Metaverse?     

Autodesk Maya is a tool that is used to create models and characters that can be used in different mediums of media. It contributes to the metaverse by having the ability to take what was created and importing it into whatever virtual worlds is necessary.

What are the technical requirements to use this tool (e.g., hardware specifications, operating system compatibility)? 

A computer that:​   Runs on the later version of the OS of choice (i.e Windows 10 or higher)​   Has more than 8GBs of Ram​   Has A LOT of storage​.

Provide examples or case studies of how this tool has been applied in real-world scenarios. How does it solve specific problems or enhance projects in VR, AR, or the metaverse? 

Avatar: ​   James Cameron used Maya to create VFX​   GOT:​   Used to create VFX, the dragons, and White Walkers​ The Lion King (2019)​   Used to create the animal characters​   Spider-verse films:​   Used to create the unique art style​

Is the tool open-source or proprietary? Discuss the implications of its software model on development and collaboration.

The program is proprietary. Maya has it own update and adds it own new features. Files can be shared in different formats that can be then used to continue the workflow among collaborators.

What is the business model of this tool and what are the implications? (ie freemium, subscription, one-time cost). Who do you think their target market or demographic is?

Maya is subscription based and the prices are the following:​   1 month: $235​   1 year: $1875​   3 year: $5,625​   Cheaper subscription to entire Autodesk suite for students including: ​   3Ds max​   Mudbox​   Maya​   Etc.​   ​Maya is for professionals and is the industry standard as of now for media​

Compare and contrast this tool with at least two similar tools or platforms. What are its strengths and weaknesses relative to its competitors?

Maya is often compared to:​   3Ds Max​   Blender​   SketchUp​   Wings 3D​   Drawback include:​ The Price​, Overwhelming interface for beginners​, And the need of a powerful computer for it to run efficiently​   Everything is available to the user.

Based on current trends and developments, where do you see this tool heading in the future? Consider upcoming features, potential use cases, or evolving technologies.

 Autodesk Maya will continue to be an industry standard and will continue to add realistic graphics and expand what is in the metaverse one model and VFX at a time. ​The programs have an abundance of features that will continue to be optimized for greater user experience.

What was your experience in using the tool? 

I was confused using the tool at first, however, after learning through many videos and my professors helping me (shoutout Joe). I have a good understanding of the program and it has become easier to use. At least the modeling part.

Created By: Julian Moore

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