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Conference and Workshops  - Thursday, March 3rd

NFT "how to" Workshop: 10-11:30 AM
Afternoon Panels: 12-5 PM 

Networking: 5-6 PM (cash bar)

DJ Session and Wallet Party: 6 - 8 PM


Morning Workshop

10:00 AM -11:30 AM:  Hands-on workshop for beginners on how to set up an NFT wallet, purchase cryptocurrency, buy, sell, mint, and burn NFTs. (Metamask and Blockto) 

Leads: Shayna Stewart, Elizabeth Strickler, and GSU Blockchain Club


Afternoon Panels


12:00 PM: 10-minute Overview of NFTs, followed by a deep dive into marketplaces, L1 and L2 blockchains. PFPs versus one-of-ones and more. With special guest appearance by Ronin the Collector and more.

Lead: Shayna Stewart


1:00 PM: 10-minute Overview to the problems and opportunities with Music and NFTs followed by a fireside chat with Dallas Austin looking into the unique properties of music nfts, intellectual property variations in ownership. Special Guest:  Robert Hatcher from Aurign. 

Leads: Jeremy Gilbertson and Dallas Austin

2:00 PM: 10-minute Overview of the Metaverse, followed by Diversity in the ecosystem & talk pertaining NFT projects like World of Women. Diverse voices & projects contributing to the NFTs and the Metaverse and tech in general. With special guest: Fabian Williams

Leads: April Arrglington and Yolanda Barton 


3:00 PM: 10-minute Overview of DAOs, followed by a focus on collaboration, community, tokenized economies, incentivized behavior, fractionalized ownership, and investment clubs. 

Lead: Dale Adams

3:30 PM: Fundraising and DAOs discussion between a VC and fundraiser on how DOAs can help with investments.

Leads: Marlon Williams and Angela Brasington.

4:00 PM: Sports and Gaming with NFTs that go beyond collecting, but start enabling access, to real and virtual spaces and more. an in-depth look into digital goods (nfts) with Alex and Dedren Sneed.


4:30 PM: Interoperability in the Metaverse is it viable, feasible and/or desirable to have interoperability of assets in the Metaverse. A conversation between Roop Singh, Ernesto Escobar and Todd Harris. 


5:00 PM: Q& A, Networking and Open Discussion


6:00 PM: DJ Session and Wallet Party with Dallas Austin

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